Animals are creatures of habit so learning their patterns and where, when and how they live their lives makes it easier to experience them in their natural habitat. For several years, I have had the joy of spending countless hours walking through the farms, forests, and fields   throughout Alberta, Canada. Learning about and photographing several of Alberta’s stunning Owls and animals in their natural habitat.

For those who would also like to experience these animals in their natural habitat, I am offering up several ethical photo tours for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. My tours do not involve animal baiting and as part of my tour I will cover how to photograph wildlife ethically.

My focus is on small groups... 1-3 people max. Certain times of the year are better for some species due to migration, nesting etc. If you are travelling to Alberta, Canada and have set dates contact me and I will work with you to determine the best options for that time of year. If you don’t have set dates, I can help you pick the best time of year to see the birds or animals you would like to see.

If you are coming this way in the Spring / Summer months it is a great time to combine owls with other wildlife and Landscape photography.  Best time to view owls is sunrise and sunset.  That leaves the middle part of the day to head off for Bears, Mountain Sheep, other Raptors.    If wish to inquire more on full day summer outings please send me an email.

For details on Guiding Services CLICK HERE

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Species and when they are typically found in this area:

o Great Grey Owl - year-round,

o Great Horned Owl – year-round,

o Snowy Owl - Nov to March,

o Short Eared Owl - Jan to March.

o Northern Pygmy Owl - Jan to March,

o Northern Hawk Owl - Jan to March,

o Northern Saw  Whet Owl,

o Barred Owl.


o Bears - May & Sept,

o Big Horn Sheep- May to October,

o Osprey- May to August,

o Eagles - April to June,

o Hawks. - depends on species of hawk.

PS: no that is not me in the background  photo. It was  a friend from Holland who I guided to photograph owls in Feb 2019

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